Skyline Hogbacks Preservation Campaign
Cañon City, Colorado

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Citizens for the Preservation of the Skyline Drive Hogbacks in Cañon City, Colorado


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We the residents of Cañon City, Colorado will collaboratively work together with the Mayor and Council members focusing on community and preservation of the Hogback and Skyline Drive area.
We will encourage responsible city planning to preserve and enhance the historical, geological, ecological and scenic resources of the area. We will seek to reach out to residents of Cañon City as we pursue this endeavor.

Hogbacks Open Space Area Restoration Project Updates!

What: Skyline Hogback Open Space/Skyline Drive Volunteer Day in honor of Earth Day

Activities: Raking and grooming trails, seeding, trash pick-up

Bring: water, gloves, sturdy shoes, sunscreen, your own tools (rake, shovel)
City will provide trash bags and dump truck.

When: Sunday, April 12th, 2015 9:00 am to Noon

Where: Volunteers meet up at Margaret Park (5th and Burrage Avenue) Volunteer waivers will need to be signed.
Rex Brady, Canon City Parks Director and Gerry Buser, Foreman will have a plan of action and disperse groups to areas needing attention.

(Sponsored by Pizza Madness and Fremont Adventure Recreation FAR)

Hope to see you on the 12th! Thanks for your support!
Our mailing list has grown to 99 individuals! Wow! Great involvement from our community.

MAP of the area that has been completed: The Hogbacks
Courtesy of Lower Arkansas Mountain Bicycling Association

New Trail Ready for Use in the Hogbacks Open Space Park
by Carie Canterbury
Daily Record Article Posted: 12/05/2014 06:55:36 AM MST
PDF Article Reprint: New Trail Ready for Use in the Hogbacks Open Space Park

Ridge Trail Project Begins in Hogbacks Restoration Project
by Carie Canterbury
Daily Record Article Posted: 10/29/2014 08:07:18 PM MDT
PDF Article Reprint: Ridge Trail Project Begins in Hogbacks Restoration Project


Hogbacks Open Space Area User Groups Ready to Blaze Some Trails
by Carie Canterbury
Daily Record Article Posted: 08/01/2014 08:19:11 PM MDT
PDF Article Reprint: User Groups Ready to Blaze Some Trails

City Council Meeting 12/15/13
Excerpt from the City Council Meeting held on 12/15/13
by Carie Canterbury
Daily Record Article Reprint: 12/16/2013

City of Cañon City Receives GOCO Grant
District Receives Large GOCO Grant
Daily Record Article
Publish Date: 12/13/2010

CSU Rare Plant Study Released by City
Rare Plant Survey of the Cañon City Hogback
(Adobe Acrobat .Pdf document)

Open Possibilities
Nearly a year after election, Hogbacks area revegetating
Daily Record Article 10/24/2009

Ballot 2 A Passes!
Skyline Hogbacks Declared "Open Space"

Residents Say 'YES' to Hogbacks Proposal
Daily Record Article
Publish Date: 11/5/2008 (PDF reprint)

City OKs Ballot Language
No New Tax, No Tax Increase and No Debt!
Daily Record Article 8/5/2008

Heavy Penalties for Hogbacks Trespass
New City Restrictions Stop All Uses on Friday
Daily Record Article 7/26/2008

A Walk Back in Time
Random Thoughts by Rob Smith


The Issues and Concerns

If uncontrolled use is allowed to continue the following negative effects will also continue:

  • Loss of Vegetation
  • Undue Erosion
  • Loss of Area Wildlife
  • Bodily Injury and Possible Loss of Life
  • Quality of Life for Residents in Cañon City Jeopardized
  • Real Estate Value Depreciation
Hogbacks Damaged by ATV's
Skyline View of Hogback Area

This is a skyline view of the Skyline Hogbacks as they look after being literally torn up by ATV's. Vegetation has been replaced by tire tracks, leaving the loose sediment an easy target for frequent and strong Colorado wind erosion as well as stormwater issues.
Photo will enlarge in a new window.

Skyline Hogbacks - Before and After Photos

This webpage displays 1997 and 2008 photos of the Hogback area.
Damage resulting from off-road vehicles can easily be seen in the comparison photographs.

These images were presented in PowerPoint format
at the May 1, 2008 City Council Hogbacks Community Meeting.

The Skyline Hogbacks - Before and After
The page will open in a new window and each photo can be enlarged.


From its beginning in July 2007, the Skyline Hogbacks Preservation Campaign (SHPC) has taken steps to reach out to Cañon City's Mayor, City Council and local residents.
You can view a list of progress from the campaign's inception up to and including City Council's decision to move forward and consider Hogback status, usage and future plans.

Skyline Hogbacks Preservation Campaign Progress Report
Click on the above link to see an expanded list.


Below are a list of documents relevant to this campaign.
Most documents are in Adobe Acrobat .Pdf format. You will find copies of the speeches that were made by Cañon City residents at Cañon City Council Meetings as well as Letters to the Editors of local newspapers.
Relevant links will be included and updated as Letters to Editors are published in newspapers.

The Cañon City Skyline Hogbacks Preservation Campaign would like to thank all those residents who have shown up at City Council meetings. Your support means a lot and we appreciate your help in this important endeavor.

We encourage all Cañon City residents to actively participate in the preservation of an important and beautiful part of their city.

In order to open Adobe Acrobat .Pdf files below you need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. If you do not have 'Reader' it is a useful program and it's free! You can find it here: Adobe Reader.

City Council Meeting Presentations - July 2, 2007

Presentations to City Council

Click on the above link to see an expanded list. Documents are in Adobe Acrobat .Pdf format.


Cañon council revises sales tax proposal by Tracy Harmon, Pueblo Chieftain, Wednesday August 04, 1999 (.Pdf file) This document concerns the purchase of the Hogback area and its designated use.(.Pdf file)

ATV Accident This is a reprint from a Blog Entry. It mentions recreating among the Cañon City Hogbacks and a resulting "disaster".(.Pdf file)

Cañon City Residents' Letters
The Community Speaks Out

Letters to the Editor

Cañon City Residents' Letters to the Editor
of the Daily Record Newspaper.

Click on the above link to see an expanded list. Documents are in Adobe Acrobat .Pdf format.

Letters to the Mayor and City Council

Charles Hendershott's Letter to Mayor Jaquez and City Council - 2/14/2008. (.Pdf file)

Reaching Out to Our
Colorado State Representatives

Monica McGowan reaches out to Congressman Lamborn and State Representatives Massey and McFayden; October 29, 2007. Read the Master Copy of Monica's Letter.

We encourage Cañon City residents to speak out against Hogback abuse and for regulations concerning appropriate use of the area.
If you send a letter to a local newspaper or to our City Council, and if you will allow the letter to be published on this website, please forward a copy for posting. You can specify that your name be removed or remain on the document.


A Walk Back in Time - Random Thoughts by Rob Smith
Skyline Drive - A personal Photo Gallery of the area
Hogback Heaven - One resident's appreciation of the Skyline Hogbacks environment.
Colorado Geology Photojournals - The Dakota Hogbacks - A Tribute to Colorado's Physical Past and Present - Excellent geological links
Skyline Drive Photo Gallery - Geolor. com
The Geologic Story of the Great Plains, Donald E. Trimble; Geological Survey Bulletin, 1493 United States Government Printing Office, Washington : 1980
Skyline Drive Trackway Site, Dinosaur Depot Museum, Cañon City, Colorado
The Dakota Sandstones - A Geological Tour of Denver, Golden, and Colorado's Front Range By Jack Barkstrom
Here is a YouTube, start to finish excursion along Skyline Drive by car - the "correct way", though the driver appears to be going a lot faster than most people would drive the narrow one-lane road.
Here is a YouTube video showing the "wrong way to ride Cañon City's Hogbacks".
ATV accident victim still in intensive care, by Nick Bonham, The Pueblo Chieftain Online, July 19, 2007.
U.S. forest officials curb ATVs by Steve Lipsher, The Denver Post, August 27, 2007
Corral Bluffs Motorcycle Park Rejected - Story of interest to Skyline Hogback Preservation Campaign supporters.


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