Skyline Hogbacks Preservation Campaign
Cañon City, Colorado

City Council Meeting Presentations - July 2, 2007

Introduction and Overview of Hogback Concerns as expressed by town residents.
Written by Monica McGowan; Speaker: Monica McGowan (.Pdf file)

Safety Concerns Written by Caņon City resident and retired Colorado State Trooper, David Garcia. Mr. Garcia also delivered the presentation to the City Council.

Hogback Erosion - Written by geologist Lorrie Immoor; Speaker: Roger Bernard (.Pdf file)

Here is a reprint of the Daily Record Coverage of this first meeting with City Council: Hogback usage concerns residents, by Vic Vela, The Daily Record July 3, 2007.

City Council Meeting Presentations - August 6, 2007

Request for a Task Committee Written by Monica McGowan, Speaker: Monica McGowan (.Pdf file)

City Council Meeting Presentations - August 20, 2007

Clyde Slonaker's Presentation to City Council Written and presented by Cañon City resident, Clyde Slonaker, now retired following 35 years with the Colorado Division of Wildlife. (.Pdf file)

Here is a reprint of the Daily Record Coverage, covering Mr. Slonaker's presentation at the August 20, 2007 Council Meeting, The Daily Record August 21, 2007.

City Council Meeting Presentations - April 21, 2008

Skyline Hogback Preservation Campaign Presents City Council with 429 Signatures on April 21, 2008 - Requesting Emergency Closure of the Hogback Area Until a Management Plan is Enacted.

Skyline Hogbacks Preservation Campaign

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