Hogback Heaven

Today I went for a hike in the back yard for the first time -- to explore the hogback city park/open space. As you can see that there is a lot of damage to the fragile turf from motorcycles. Too bad, for it is such an extraordinary geological formation - unique and beautiful.
Its part of The Dakota Hogback that runs from Wyoming to New Mexico. I was out there for 2 1/2 hours and never saw or heard a bike -- didn't see anyone else either. Its nice to have a place to hike right in the neighborhood.
I hope the city can do something with it as it intends. I hope to get involved -- 'Friends of the hogbacks'.

Skyline Hogbacks 1

You can see the tip of Pikes Peak in the way background.

Skyline Hogbacks 2

Way left you can see Green Horn Mountain, the tallest in that Wet Mountain range.

Skyline Hogbacks 3

Facing North. The big hogback fades and the smaller pig backs dwindle.

Skyline Hogbacks 4

Show is over -- back to class. C

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Skyline Hogbacks Preservation Campaign